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EXHIBITION | Shanghai DOMOTEX Flooring Exhibition, Green Valley made a stunning debut with the latest products

Guide: On March 26, the 2021 DOMOTEX asia flooring exhibition was grandly opened at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. As an important event in the Asia-Pacific region, it has always been an important platform to promote technological creation and industrial upgrading of the flooring industry. The 200,000-square-meter exhibition hall brought together 1,800 exhibitors from all over the world to jointly open the curtain of the geotechnical industry in March.
Shanghai DOMOTEX Flooring Exhibition
    As the first exhibition of the global floor material industry in 2021, DOMOTEX asia 2021, with numerous support, overcomes all difficulties and is of great significance. It demonstrates that China is still the most dynamic market in the world. We have reason to believe that China's exhibition in the post-epidemic era The convening will lead the recovery of global floor material industry trade and play a key role.

    After 23 years of spring and autumn, DOMOTEX asia is not only an annual event that the global floor material industry pays attention to, but also brings high-quality industry forums such as the WFF World Flooring Conference, gathering industry leaders; and Green Valley's participation in this exhibition will also play a global role. The mission and responsibility of the material leader enterprise-continuous innovation, forge ahead.
    Green Valley brought its newest product-elastic assembled flooring to the floor material exhibition, sitting on the strongest traffic, as always, with the image and method of high specifications, excellent products, and hard technology, providing elastic assembled floor products and processes in the core area of ​​the floor material exhibition exhibit.
    During the exhibition, Green Valley and flexible spliced ​​flooring attracted much attention, attracting many exhibitors, industry experts and scholars, and international friends to visit and understand. Through this exhibition, a solid foundation was laid for opening up the international market. I also believe that Green Valley can bring surprises to all new and old partners!

Shanghai DOMOTEX Flooring Exhibition

Elastic interlocking tiles
Material characteristics: no shrinkage, zero expansion, no smell, no oil, recyclable, anti-slip
Service life: 8-10 years, cold-resistant, stable and reliable structure
Safety and sportiness: It can meet the various indicators of the sports floor and fully allow athletes to give full play to their technical advantages. Stability and a more reasonable floor structure.
Structural advantages: the unique grid design allows the floor to be drained quickly, and can be used immediately after rain, without stagnant water, anti-wet and slippery, and keep the floor dry and clean at all times
Installation advantages: easy installation, disassembly at will, not affected by weather.

Shanghai DOMOTEX Flooring Exhibition