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Green Valley promotes a major jump in the production capacity of new flooring materials to help high-precision projects

On December 7, the leaders of Anhui Science and Technology Department, Xuancheng Science and Technology Bureau, Ningguo Science and Technology Bureau, and Anhui High-tech Industry Investment Co., Ltd. conducted investigations and assessments on the implementation results of our company's high-level talent team project.
The research team inspected the existing production lines on the spot, and after listening to the report of the plant leader on the progress of the environmental protection new material project, they fully affirmed the project’s achievements in the professional field in a short period of time. Green Valley has developed rapidly in Ningguo in the past two years. , With broad prospects, has also played a leading role in the promotion of Anhui's scientific and technological achievements.

Zhou Hao, deputy director of the Department of Social Development of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, said that innovation is the vitality of enterprise development, and enterprises should constantly update and upgrade the core technology of the industry and promote products. Iterative technology, firmly grasp the initiative of development, and strive to seek new breakthroughs in new technologies, new materials, new models, etc., and open up new prospects. Promote new production capacity.

Pan Zhisheng, director of the Ningguo Science and Technology Bureau, hopes that we will increase scientific and technological innovation and promote the transformation of more scientific research results. He also stated that it will further optimize the talent development environment and provide a better platform for the rapid growth of enterprises and talents, thereby driving the development of the city's high-tech industries.