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Chanel Exhibition

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Chanel Exhibition

In the last century in Paris, France, madame Gabrielle Chanel hung a sign outside her studio that read "Mademoiselle Prive", which means "ladies only" in French. The title of the exhibition implies that visitors will be opened to the creative world of Chanel, showcasing masterpieces from Gabrielle Chanel to Karl Lagerfeld, revealing the mystery of the creative process and the different fields of craftsmanship.

Following successful exhibitions in London in 2015, Seoul in 2017 and Hong Kong in 2018, Mademoiselle Prive's "Walking Into Chanel" is now in Shanghai, where it will be held from April 20 to June 2, 2019 at West Bund Art Center.

Enter Chanel 2019 is a new concept, using three separate Spaces around three symbolic locations. Entering each space is like entering a dream, making the audience immersed in chanel's creative world; 31 Kampon Street, home to Karl Lagerfeld's creative studio and Chanel's couture studio; No. 18 Place Fontaine, Chanel Palace of Fine jewelry; Lagos, Gabrielle Chanel and the master perfumer Ennis Bowe reunited to create perfume No. 5 in 1921.

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Chanel Exhibition