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Classification and characteristics of outdoor decking flooring

From the perspective of natural climate, the floor can be classified into indoor floor and outdoor decking flooring. If the indoor environment climate is relatively mild, if the outdoor environment climate is relatively bad, outdoor decking flooring is developed for harsh climates. floor.

So what is the principle of outdoor decking flooring to deal with bad weather? By making up the interior materials of outdoor decking flooring. ① Veneer: Not every type of veneer is born with external features such as anti-corrosion and sun protection, so what kind of veneer has these properties? The wood is dense and oily, which is the basic condition. In addition, the veneer must be treated with anti-corrosion. ②Adhesive: In addition to being used as a basic adhesive material, it can also be used as an external coating that resists ultraviolet rays or wind and sun, which requires the addition of corresponding chemicals during the manufacturing process to achieve this goal. ③Technology: Anti-corrosion has been used in China for many years, but most of them are still in the initial stage. This is a symbolic process of the material, and the corresponding national standards are not implemented, and the real outdoor decking flooring is required. from the inside out.

In order to obtain better quality outdoor decking flooring, outdoor decking flooring users should learn how to choose? However, due to the limitation of knowledge, it is often impossible to grasp the first-hand information through visual inspection, but only through experimental methods, such as placing the leftovers of outdoor decking flooring in boiling water for repeated cooking to test its water resistance. If the wood layer is cracked or the glue layer is delaminated after just a few hours of cooking, it means that this outdoor decking flooring is unqualified. At present, most of the domestic outdoor products cannot withstand this level. Yes, but good outdoor decking flooring will not change after dozens of hours of cooking.