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Company News | Yang Zhonghua, Director of the Sports Bureau of Yunnan Province, and his delegation visited Green Valley for investigation and guidance

    On September 1st, Yang Zhonghua, Director of the Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau, Zhang Yanhui, Director of the Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau Office, Zhang Yunlong, Director of the Economic Department of the Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau, and Mu Chun, Chairman of the Yunnan Provincial Sports Industry Alliance, visited Green Valley for investigation.

    Accompanied by Green Valley President Yu Haiyan, Director Yang Zhonghua and his party visited Green Valley’s Hangzhou Marketing Center and product display area, and conducted a comprehensive survey of sports-related products and services, operation management models, national fitness, project planning, etc., and conducted a comprehensive survey on corporate sports The spirit and brand strength were fully affirmed and encouraged us to play an important role in the development of the sports industry in Yunnan Province.

    In recent years, Yunnan Province has vigorously developed its characteristic sports industry and continued to promote the sports industry to become an important industry in Yunnan's national economy. The "Three-Year Action Plan for the High-Quality Development of the Sports Industry in Yunnan Province (2023-2025)" proposes to implement the actions of optimizing layout, strengthening supply, promoting integration, developing entities, and expanding consumption, implement the national fitness implementation plan, and implement the promotion of youth sports activities plan; cultivate product systems such as outdoor sports tourism series; through three years of efforts, the development of the province's sports industry has reached a new level.

    In the future, we will give full play to the advantages of sports enterprises, further explore innovation, strengthen cooperation, actively participate in the construction of sports infrastructure in Yunnan Province, enrich sports carriers, and contribute to the prosperity of the sports industry in Yunnan Province, the healthy life of the whole people, the development of youth sports, and the outdoor sports industry. Upgrade to make greater contributions and work together to build a better sports future.