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Company News | Zhejiang Province's first secondary vocational campus rope skipping competition was successfully held

    From April 12th to 13th, 2023, Green Valley assisted in the successful holding of the first secondary vocational campus rope skipping competition in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo and Wenzhou, in the "M-Zone" of the 2023 Asian Games.

    The event is jointly sponsored by the Zhejiang Youth Sports Federation and the Vocational and Adult Teaching and Research Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education. It combines various activities such as the entry of the world champion into the campus, the Asian Games, and student competitions to better publicize the Hangzhou Asian Games and implement sports. Teaching integration can enhance the physical health of secondary vocational students, improve students' interest in sports, and cultivate students' spirit of unity and cooperation.

Bao Xuejun, President of Jiangxi Provincial Youth Sports Federation
Announced the start of the game

Duan Zhongfei, winner of three gold medals at the 2021 World Rope Skipping Championships
Rope skipping

Group photo of Zhou Zhongshun, Director of Brand Department of Green Valley, and Duan Zhongfei

Special performance of dragon and lion dance

    The sub-station competition attracted the active participation of secondary vocational schools within the jurisdiction of the districted city. At the scene of the competition, from single jumping to double jumping, team jumping, from individual competition to teamwork, the morale of the contestants was high and they showed a vigorous spirit.

    With the advancement of physical education reform, more and more students participate in sports, and campus sports have achieved fruitful results. The holding of campus events such as rope skipping is a manifestation of the vigorous development of campus sports. Green Valley helps campus sports and student health through competition support and business innovation.

    On the road of cultivating comprehensive quality talents, Green Valley will start from the development needs of campus sports, provide more support for improving students' physical and mental health, and work with schools to promote students' all-round growth!