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Do you know what a rubber door mat is?

The rubber door mat is a product that can effectively scrape mud, dust and moisture at the entrance to keep the indoor floor clean. It is elastic, soft and comfortable on the feet. Unique anti-ultraviolet additive to prevent fading and embrittlement, and can withstand the outdoor environment of sun and rain.

According to the use, it can be divided into: outdoor pad, indoor pad, well pad, elevator pad, etc. According to the functions, there are: sand scraping, dust removal, water absorption, anti-skid and other functions. According to the appearance shape, it can be divided into: coil type, Z type, modular type, aluminum alloy floor mat, and carpet type floor mat.

The global environmental problem has come to a time when it has to be solved! Countries all over the world are setting goals to reduce energy consumption and pollution, so green materials and green energy should be the inevitable trend of rubber door mat development. In addition, in the production process, the country will definitely have requirements for energy consumption gradually. How to reduce energy consumption in the production process will become one of the important factors that determine the future destiny of each enterprise.