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Do you know what are the characteristics of rubber tile flooring

Rubber tile flooring are more common in our lives and are used in many places, which brings great convenience to people's lives. Next, Green Valley will explain the characteristics of rubber tile flooring for everyone one by one.

1. Good elastic performance, elastic safety rubber tile flooring can give good shock absorption performance, and can reduce the damage caused by falling from a height. And its service life is longer than the usual floor materials, and it has the characteristics of long-term durability.

2. Rubber tile flooring is a new-style green and environmentally-friendly product, which has the characteristics of non-toxic and no peculiar smell. Therefore, there is no need to worry about physical harm due to pollution problems.

3. The style, color and pattern of the product can be designed, produced and installed according to the needs of users. The colors are gorgeous, with a variety of colors, which can meet people's requirements, and people can choose and match according to their own preferences.

4. It is highly scalable and can solve the problems caused by the foundation structure and cold shrinkage and thermal expansion. Usually the ground can be directly laid.

5. It is easy to clean, easy to take care of and clean. It can be said that the safety rubber tile flooring is an ideal floor material to protect the safety of sports.

6. The application field is universal, and it can be laid indoors and outdoors, such as children's amusement parks, kindergartens, school tracks and courts, sports equipment areas, national fitness path areas, park passages, community hotels, fitness clubs, pedestrian bridges, etc.