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EXHIBITION | Green Valley 2021 (39th) China international sporting goods show has come to a successful conclusion

From May 19 to 22, the four-day 2021 (39th) China International Sporting Goods show (hereinafter referred to as 2021 China sport show) successfully concluded at The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). 2021 China sport show attracted nearly 1,300 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 150,000 square meters and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Li Yingchuan, Deputy Director of General Administration of Sport of China, Chen Qun, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Wu Qi, Chairman of China Sports Goods Industry Association, Li Hua, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Municipal People's Government and other leaders attended the opening ceremony of this Sports Expo. There are also leaders and representatives of the State General Administration of Sport, directly affiliated public institutions, sports bureaus of provinces and autonomous regions, individual sports associations, representatives of the business community, experts and scholars in related fields, and friends from the press.

As the oldest sports exhibition brand in China, China sport show was born in 1993. After years of accumulation and development, it has become the largest comprehensive sports exhibition brand in the Asia-Pacific region. The annual China Sport Show has become one of the weathervane of the sporting goods manufacturing industry in China and even the world. The participation of Green Valley in this exhibition will also give play to the mission and responsibility of the global leader in materials -- continuous innovation, forge ahead.

Green Valley with excellent research and development ability with the latest product - elastic assembly floor exhibition in Shanghai, shocked the industry with high appearance level of elastic assembly floor. With the strongest flow, as always, with high specifications, excellent products, hard technology image and way, in the core area of the exhibition to provide pp interlocking tiles, technology display.

The booth can be described as a climax, wonderful! The smooth flow of people, warm negotiations, coupled with the high quality of green Valley resilient assembly floor, has been widely recognized by customers from all over the world and visitors to the exhibition. The scene layout has attracted the attention of customers, and the experience has also found the favor of more intended customers.

Based on China, look to the world. A four-day exhibition, absorbing high-quality resources from all over the world, brought together the world's leading flooring brands to show here. This exhibition, green Valley exhibition scene was brilliant, remarkable results, not only in the booth layout up and down the full effort, the new design style, the index of fine absorption, elastic assembly floor qi strength, on the basis of environmental protection to achieve the beauty of the upgrade. On-site negotiations continue!
End of the exhibition, not end of the wonderful. Thank you for your support to our new and old customers, who took time out of their busy schedule to visit our company, discuss new products and development together, so that cooperation can reach a higher starting point. Thank you for your sincere and care that has never changed, we will see you in the next exhibition!