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Garden path series - Double sided brick

Product Description

The Green Valley Municipal Gardening Path Series is designed for urban development and construction. It is elastic, environmentally friendly, non-slip, pressure-resistant, and beautiful. It helps create a people-oriented urban space, meets people's needs for a better life, improves urban functions, and improves the quality of urban image. Widely used in sidewalks, parks, overpasses, municipal engineering, gardens, terraces and courtyards, etc.

Among them, rubber floor tiles are rubber products created by Green Valley for urban human-oriented development and construction. They can be used in sidewalks, park trails, flyovers, municipal engineering and other scenarios to reduce the possibility of pedestrians falling due to uneven road surfaces and improve travel comfort. Experience, beauty and durability serve multiple purposes.

In addition to the advantages of conventional rubber floor tiles, Green Valley double-sided tiles have more exquisite and beautiful patterns, which are suitable for scenes with higher requirements for appearance.

Material: fully dyed SBR particles

Specifications: 406x406x19mm