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Green Valley×Chanel | Customized "red carpet"​ makes the showroom full of sense of luxury

Case name: Mademoiselle Privé "Into Chanel" exhibition hall

Main Products: Customized"Chanel Red" EPDM rubber Roll

Usable area: 500㎡+

Product thickness: 4mm

Case features: color customization, no color difference on site

Case introduction

In the last century, the sign "Mademoiselle Privé", which means "Mademoiselle", has always been hung outside Ms. Gabrielle Chanel's studio. In this name, Mademoiselle Privé's "Into Chanel" exhibition has successively entered London, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai, unveiling the mystery of the creative process and the exquisite skills in different fields.


At the exhibition site in Shanghai Station, the "Chanel Red" floor specially created by Green Valley for Chanel was laid out as a "red carpet" in the library site of "Into Chanel", and the red seats with the words "Mademoiselle Privé" complemented each other with a noble atmosphere. The classic red is particularly striking.


This "Chanel Red" rubber floor is jointly created by the Green Valley R&D team and the Chanel design team, which continues the simple and elegant style of Chanel, but the rich and bright red highlights the trend of Chanel standing at the forefront of fashion. The floor is made of high-fidelity EPDM rubber material. Its anti-slip, shock-absorbing, and elastic features give all the distinguished guests a unique and comfortable experience, showing Chanel's positive and independent attitude towards women's life, "always happy and full of vitality".


▲The Green Valley EPDM rubber roll used in the Chanel showroom

The Birth of "Chanel Red" rubber roll

Since its inception in 2007, Green Valley rubber products have been widely concerned by the market. Its more than 50 patent certifications and its industrial scale exported to more than 100 countries around the world have also been recognized by Chanel Group.

At the beginning of the birth of Green Valley "Chanel Red", Chanel's top designers also put forward higher requirements for Green Valley's R&D team, especially in terms of color - the color of the product must be consistent with the given color number! Even after on-site paving, no obvious color difference is allowed.

This seemingly simple requirement presents a new challenge to Green Valley's R&D team during the actual operation. Color, especially the color after paving, is restricted by the environment, reflection and on-site lighting. In the case of uncertain external environment, in order to display the same color, it is necessary to make a fuss about the selection of materials and the dyeing process. After more than 2 months of communication, polishing, debugging, and inspection, the light color allocation has gone through 4-5 rounds of adjustment and revision, and dozens of proofing confirmations, and finally the product creation and delivery have been successfully completed.


The end of the project

At the scene, Green Valley successfully built a stunning and dazzling red world for Chanel, conveying the classics and legends of the Chanel brand, attracting celebrities such as Zhou Xun, Liu Wen, William Chan, Julianne Moore (Julianne Moore), as well as many people in the fashion industry. , Internet celebrities visit and punch in.

In addition, the wall of the exhibition hall is also matched with Green Valley black commercial rubber roll.


The precise control of color number and quality comes from Green Valley's 15 years of accumulated experience in production and R&D testing. Over the years since its establishment, Green Valley has always focused on the field of ground materials. As one of the company's important products, the production process of Green Valley rubber coils has continued to develop, with various colors and patterns, which can be customized according to user needs, scene characteristics, etc., suitable for Personalized exhibition halls, expositions, gyms and other places help create a comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful environment.

Case show