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Green Valley Cup | Zhejiang Provincial Secondary Vocational School Sports Alliance Basketball Championship comes to an end!

From November 10th to 12th, the 2023 Green Valley Cup·Zhejiang Vocational School Sports Alliance Basketball Championship Finals, sponsored by Zhejiang Green Valley Sports Industry Co., Ltd., was held. Green Valley President Yu Haiyan attended the opening ceremony to cheer for the athletes.

Youth sports work is related to the rise and fall of the country and the nation. Promoting the high-quality development of youth sports is a basic requirement of sports work and a basic project for building a strong sports country and a healthy China.
To support the high-quality development of sports, Green Valley has always paid great attention to youth sports, persisted in the research and development of special floor materials, provided sports services for teenagers, and actively participated in youth sports events to promote the healthy growth of teenagers.
From November 10th to 12th, the 2023 Green Valley Cup·Zhejiang Secondary Vocational School Sports Alliance Basketball Championship Finals sponsored by Green Valley was held at Wenzhou Secondary Vocational School, aiming to comprehensively promote the integration of sports and education and promote the development of secondary vocational schools. Students' physical health, improve students' interest in sports, strengthen exchanges between schools, publicize the important role of vocational education, and expand the social influence of secondary vocational education.

  • Bao Xuejun, President of Zhejiang Youth Sports Federation, announced the start of the competition
  • Yu Haiyan, President of Zhejiang Green Valley Sports Industry Co., Ltd.
Leaders attending the opening ceremony include: members and supervisors of the Zhejiang Asian Games Comprehensive Office, former deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party Leadership Group of the Provincial Sports Bureau, and President of the Zhejiang Youth Sports Federation Bao Xuejun; Vice President of the Zhejiang Academy of Educational Sciences Chang Cheng Jiangping; Ni Tong, Party Committee Member and Deputy Director of Wenzhou Education Bureau; Jiang Xianjun, Vice President of Zhejiang Youth Sports Federation; Ma Laijun, Associate Researcher of Zhejiang Academy of Educational Sciences; Deputy Director of Vocational Adult Education Division of Wenzhou Education Bureau Hou Bonian; Cai Jingtai, director of the comprehensive teaching and research section of Wenzhou Education and Teaching Research Institute; Yu Haiyan, president of Zhejiang Luhenggu Sports Industry Co., Ltd.; Huang Wei, secretary of the party committee and principal of Wenzhou Vocational Secondary School.

A total of 119 athletes participated in the 8 teams that advanced in the regional competition. The athletes went all out, moved with style, fought for every ball, gave full play to their basketball skills, and showed a vibrant and positive spirit.

From the sub-station competition to the finals, Green Valley, as the sponsor, ensured the smooth progress of the competition and witnessed the growth and progress of the students. In the future, we will continue to help improve the quality of youth sports work under the guidance of relevant policies and contribute more to the healthy growth of young people.