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Green Valley Message | Green Valley elastic interlocking tile TEQ88A has been certified by FIBA

Recently, the TQ88A (professional-grade) elastic interlocking tiles independently developed by Green Valley has passed the FIBA certification, marking that the product has passed the product performance test of the FIBA officially accredited laboratory and has met the standard requirements of international basketball competition venues!

PS: FIBA is an international federation responsible for organizing and managing the establishment and operation of basketball competitions. International basketball competition regulations require that only basketball equipment and venues certified by FIBA and FIBA certified by the International Basketball Federation can be used in international basketball competitions.

The FIBA certification this time is another international certification for Green Valley products following the IAAF and EU CE certifications. It marks that Green Valley products have obtained the professional recognition of higher specifications of similar products.

Over the years, Green Valley has always been committed to the development and production of professional sports flooring and the exploration of new environmentally friendly materials. Research and development and design for the pain points and needs of traditional sports floors such as slippery, poor durability, and inability to adapt to special environments. Cooperating with universities in the research and development of new materials, using highly innovative patented materials, the first GV-ES thermoplastic elastomer assembled floor has been produced. Bring a better sports experience. Excellent elasticity and anti-slip properties can meet the needs of various events, training, professional venues sports activities.

Green Valley's professional-grade elastic interlocking tiles has zero expansion, no oil, no shrinkage, and no collapse; the suspended structure and the sturdy reinforced support layer design create the effect of vertical shock absorption, and the impact absorption reaches 30~40% , greatly improve the inertial impulse generated by athletes during running, emergency stop, direction change, jumping and other sports, effectively prevent slippage and provide sufficient energy return and safety protection, and can alleviate sports injuries to a large extent.

The self-developed elastic assembled floor series products have been recognized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), which not only enhances the core competitiveness of Green Valley in the field of sports flooring technology, but also expands its brand influence at home and abroad. Green Valley will also uphold various relevant industry guidelines and contribute to the vigorous development of sports around the world.

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