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Green Valley Monthly Market Work Meeting & Birthday Surprise

Say goodbye to the Spring Festival holiday, it’s time to forge ahead. On February 26, Green Valley’s monthly market work meeting was held to summarize work experience, plan future strategies, and start a new journey in the Year of the Dragon.

The meeting listened to the work progress and plans reported by each person in charge, conducted a comprehensive review and in-depth summary of the work in each region, and discussed solutions and improvement measures for existing problems. Two company leaders, Yu Haiyan and Pang Xiaosen, commented on the market work and provided forward-looking guidance on the next stage of global market layout and strategic planning.

Business training sessions are held at the same time to enhance everyone's familiarity with business processes, enhance the team's comprehensive quality and capabilities, and promote professional growth so as to better carry out market work.

Taking advantage of this gathering, we send carefully prepared gifts and sincere blessings to those who have birthdays this month. Everyone sang songs of support for the "debut anniversaries of the superstars" and were looking forward to the theme of the subsequent birthday party.

Spring is the preface, good things can be expected

New year,  New journey

Looking forward to working together to build a dream future!