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Green Valley Team Building Day

   The autumn wind is complacent, the sun is warm, and it is time to travel. Living up to the good weather, the friends of Green Valley were dispatched together to gather in Hangzhou Wind Valley Paradise to share the good time of autumn. Departing, arriving, getting ready for activities on the soft meadow, we will start the team competitive journey under the leadership of the instructor. Divide into groups, choose team names, shout slogans, and pose. At the beginning of the game, everyone must seize the opportunity and overwhelm other teams with a unique momentum!

    After the whole team is completed, a tacit understanding and an active atmosphere are cultivated. One lap to the end, mobile golf, passionate beats, joint efforts... While discovering "black holes" and trump cards, we can better understand the meaning of cooperation and win-win.

    After a whole morning of devotion, everyone gathered together to enjoy delicious food and celebrate the birthday of the Green Valley people who broke their shells in October. Happy birthday to you in October!

    On the road of chasing dreams, I am fortunate to have all my partners. With these unforgettable shared experiences, we have a better understanding of what drives the team forward. The future is not far away, keep the love, concentrate, and look forward to going together!