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Green Valley the DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR 2022 Exhibition ended successfully!

   The integration of ground materials creates the future. From November 3rd to November 5th, 2022, the Exhibition (DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2022) came to an end at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. At this grand event in the flooring industry, Green Valley showcased the company's practice and achievements in helping to create a flexible and beautiful life by creating flexible assembled flooring, multiple series of environmentally friendly rubber flooring and other products, attracting the attention of many professional audiences and guests.

  In just three days, the Green Valley product plan has not been able to see the addiction? Or regret not being able to go to the scene to observe? Now follow our footsteps and watch the exhibition together.

The booth is eye-catching and the products are eye-catching
  Green Valley mainly exhibited the customized series of luxury exhibition halls/brand stores, building sound insulation series, municipal gardening series, horse farm series, shooting range series and other environmentally friendly rubber products and flexible assembled floors.

  Among them, the customized series of luxury showrooms/brand stores are specially tailored for brands. On the basis of products such as Green Valley’s environmentally friendly rubber sheets, they are customized with brand concepts, spirits and narrative needs to convey brand image and strength. Many viewers' inquiries.

  The elastic interlocking floor is also one of the star products of Green Valley. It has been favored by the exhibitors from its debut at the Floor Materials Exhibition in 2021 to this exhibition. It is made of innovative self-developed GV-ES (thermoplastic elastomer) material, which has excellent resilience, environmental protection, comfort, cushioning, wet skid resistance, weather resistance and stability, and can be used to create various indoor and outdoor sports. The venue brings you professional sports experience and sports protection. At present, Green Valley GV-ES flexible assembled floor has landed on many basketball courts, sports fields, gymnasiums, kindergartens, etc.

  Building sound insulation, municipal gardening, horse farms, shooting ranges and other series are developed by Green Valley combining the understanding of environmental protection products and the research and development of the characteristics of different scenes. Taking the shooting range series as an example, taking advantage of the characteristics of rubber materials such as good elasticity, high density, anti-friction coefficient, damping and shock absorption, Green Valley products can buffer the impact of bullets and are not easy to break, effectively prevent the phenomenon of ricochet, and help build a modern shooting range, range, etc.

  In addition, the booth setting of Green Valley is also carefully planned and presented with heart. Products are not only displayed on the booth, but also covered on the floor of the booth. The staff of Green Valley laid the elastic assembled floor piece by piece, just to show the paving effect intuitively, so that the audience can get the experience of using the product and directly feel the advantages of Green Valley products.

Sincere service to discuss cooperation
The rich products and careful preparation have won the attention of the audience. In the Green Valley exhibition area, the exhibitors and the staff communicated with each other, inquired about the details of each product, or learned about the project cooperation.

  For every question and requirement, our staff patiently answered and recorded it carefully, showing the spirit and style of the Green Valley team, and also allowing the visitors to have a deeper understanding of the Green Valley brand strength, product design and service quality.