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《People's Daily》 thumbs up! The new reform of green movement has benefited 1.5 million people in Zhejiang

For just 1 yuan a day or free, you can use a bright and comfortable gym regardless of the venue and weather. And each gym is equipped with professional fitness equipment, sports instructors to provide professional fitness guidance. Such scene is in we track to carry out wenzhou city "common people gym" ground material cooperation project, already is commonplace.

A recent report by the People's Daily, "Building gyms at people's doorsteps", has brought the topic of national fitness into the public eye once again.
In 2017, the General Administration of Sport of China signed an agreement with the Government of Zhejiang Province to designate Wenzhou as a social force to run sports trials. With this turning point, Wenzhou rate of the whole province first launched "common people gym", explore the way social forces do sports, "common people gym" at this point fell to the ground unripe flower, in the whole city set off a new craze of national fitness.

Up to now, Wenzhou has built 246 "people's gyms" that are free to residents or open to public welfare at low fees, with more than 80,000 online registered members and more than 1.5 million people exercising in total.

Four years ago, when it came to gyms, high-end, fashionable, private and expensive were the key words. In my impression, most gyms are set up in shopping centers, high-end residential and commercial streets. In the city where land is expensive and fitness costs remain high, "people's gym" undoubtedly directly meets the needs of citizens. Wenzhou sports department's bold innovation, pretitled "people" two words of the gym, like the city study, cultural auditorium, benefit the public, down-to-earth.

"Close to home, good environment, full equipment"
"The field is large, the ground is smooth and elastic, and the jumping exercise is very comfortable."
"The treadmill is very stable, scan code can also play fitness teaching video, very high-end and very smart."
"Spacious atmosphere, stylish and simple decoration style, neat and orderly equipment"

In the follow-up interview, most of the citizens of the people's gym so evaluation.

With the completion of more "people's gyms", in addition to providing high-quality public sports services for more citizens, this livelihood project gives full play to the role of the government as a platform, enterprises as a play, industry as a matchmaking and synergism.

From Wenzhou "people's gym" started the brand, to the province began to promote, and provide experience for the whole country, to today's People's Daily praise, four years of reform pilot has gradually highlighted the sports should be the whole society's sports, the people's sports "vanguard" significance.
As the project sports ground material long-term service providers, Green Valley rubber plastic with superior geographical advantages, comprehensive categories, excellent product quality and high reputation of service to become wenzhou "people gym" exclusive ground material suppliers.

Since the first batch of "people's gyms" were fully put into use in 2018, there are 246 gyms covering the whole city, with more than 200 themed gyms with different distinctive styles and distinctive logos. Green Valley also with the concept of green environmental protection, integration of high-end technology, gym rubber tile flooring for ecological environmental protection into fashion elements, in the industry to establish a "green flag".

Green Valley will also actively fulfill its social responsibilities at present, promote the development of national fitness, boost the construction of "important window" such as more people's gyms, and also look forward to making its own contribution to promoting the benign ecological cycle of the industry in the future.