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Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School——TEQ88A

Project Case
Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School

Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Education Group is one of the five famous education groups in Hangzhou. In line with the philosophy of "benevolence and truth seeking", the group puts forward the goal of "four modernizations and one type", that is, to run a "modern" school with excellent quality, scientific research, characteristics and internationalization. Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School was founded in April 2003, which belongs to Greentown Yuhua Education Group and is under the jurisdiction of Xihu District Education Bureau. With an investment of RMB 190 million, Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School is a full-time private school with boarding system and small class education.

Based on the understanding of the ground system, Green Valley is dedicated to creating a resilient assembly floor with perfect results, benefiting all athletes. Elastic assembled floor is an upgrade from soft plastic to elastomer. It belongs to thermoplastic elastomer. It has the recyclability of plastic and the physical properties of rubber.

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Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Primary School