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Shanghai Thomas School Stadium - TEQ88A

Shanghai Thomas School Stadium

Shanghai Thomas School was founded in 2018. It is a private non-profit 12-year school that can accommodate 1,600 students and covers three divisions: primary school, junior high school and high school. Based on strengthening the curriculum elements of modernization, technology and internationalization, the school provides Chinese students with new cutting-edge education.

Shanghai Thomas School plans to renovate and upgrade the original silicon PU sports field. By paving elastic interlocking tiles, the conditions of the sports field will be improved, and sports courses and amateur exercise activities will be better carried out, so that students can exercise more safely and comfortably, and help them exercise stronger physique.

1. Help students grow up healthily

Green Valley Special Q88A has the characteristics of good vertical shock absorption effect, non-slip, environmental protection, stability, and effective prevention of sports injuries. It has excellent sports performance and safety performance, bringing students a professional and safe sports experience.

2. The site is special and the construction complexity is high

The site has a special shape, and the pavement involves arc-shaped trimming, assembly floor and fence connection, etc., which is relatively complicated.

3. Harmonious colors, rich sports fun

Using environmentally friendly organic pigments, the colors are beautiful. Anti-UV, strong color and long service life.

4. Large scale and demonstration value