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Product Recommendation | Green Valley Mixed Color EPDM Rubber Roll

Product Description

Green Valley rubber roll is non-slip, shock-absorbing, weather-resistant, and comfortable to the feet. The integrated laying is more beautiful. It is suitable for scenes such as gyms, protecting equipment and the ground, and ensuring sports safety.

On the basis of these advantages, Green Valley rubber roll supports color and pattern customization, and products that conform to the brand tone or theme can meet the construction needs of brand exhibition halls, personalized exhibition halls, expositions, brand stores and other places, and create comfortable, Safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful environment. Mixed-color EPDM rubber coil is one of the personalized products provided by Green Valley.



  • Select environmentally friendly raw materials, and the products have passed authoritative testing to create a healthy environment.
  • Heavy-duty, wear-resistant, and pressure-resistant, it protects sports equipment and the ground, and feels comfortable on the feet.
  • Integrated laying, high integrity, more beautiful, easy to take care of.
  • Good flame retardant, the product can meet the B1 fire protection rating of indoor building flooring materials.
  • The color is rich and customizable, and it supports 360 multi-function UV printing to meet individual needs.

Product Display

Color-mixed EPDM membrane for color customization


Selection of color: