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Product Recommendation | Green Valley Tactile Rubber Tiles

Green Valley municipal gardening path series are designed for urban development and construction. They are elastic, environmentally friendly, non-slip, pressure-resistant, and beautiful. They help create a people-oriented urban space, meet people's needs for a better life, improve urban functions, and enhance the quality of urban image. Widely used in sidewalks, parks, overpasses, municipal engineering, gardens, terraces and courtyards, etc.

Among them, tactile bricks have excellent performance in environmental protection, compression resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, skid resistance, sound absorption and shock absorption performance, etc. They are mostly used on sidewalks and are convenient road facilities for blind people.

Made of new environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic, safe to use. Color, material can be customized, easy to install.

The concave-convex design allows blind people to better perceive road conditions, and at the same time increases friction to prevent slipping.


It has good elasticity and shock absorption performance, is not easy to break, has a long service life, and at the same time protects pedestrians.

Product Display

Walking Bricks

The strip-shaped direction guide bricks guide blind people to move forward with confidence, also known as blind road direction guide bricks.

Reminder Bricks for the Blind

The reminder bricks with dots remind blind people that there are obstacles in front of them and it is time to turn, also known as blind road direction guide bricks.


PS: More specifications, materials and colors can be consulted.

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