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Shooting Range Series-Green Valley Shooting Range Rubber Tiles

Product Description

In response to the high demand for safety and protection of professional shooting ranges, Green Valley has developed a series of rubber products for shooting ranges that integrate "bullet receiving, shock absorption, sound insulation, and protection" based on the research on the characteristics of the scene, which can be used in military camps, troops, The ground and walls of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges such as the police force.


Among them, the rubber wire gun pad has a unique structure, high density, good flame retardant, strong cushioning, pressure resistance, and impact resistance, and has excellent impact absorption performance, which can buffer the impact of bullets and effectively prevent bullets from splashing; and It is not easy to break and break up, difficult to burn, and it is not easy to be damaged by high-frequency shooting.

In the live ammunition shooting test, the Green Valley rubber wire gun mat still maintained its shape after being hit by nearly a thousand rounds of ordinary ammunition (steel core), providing strong support for high-intensity training and shooting.


Material: whole body glue

Specifications: 500*500mm, 1000*1000mm

Thickness: 15-70mm