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The government inspects common people’s gyms and implements the national call for fitness for all

Guide: In response to the national fitness call, on the afternoon of March 29th, Zhao Wencai, deputy mayor of Golmud, led the team and brought the heads of Golmud City Culture, Sports, Tourism, Radio, Film and Television Bureau, Golmud Culture Investment Company and other relevant departments to the ground materials for the people’s gym. Special supplier---Green Valley inspects and guides work.

People's Gym-National Health Coverage
In order to promote the reform of running sports by social forces, implement the national fitness national strategy and the outline for building a strong sports country, improve the public service system of national fitness, explore new models of national fitness, promote the sustainable and healthy development of people's gyms, and create a 15-minute fitness circle. Wenzhou Sports Bureau and Wenzhou Finance Bureau jointly issued the "Wenzhou People's Gymnasium Management Measures" on March 12, which will be officially implemented on April 10, 2020!

Entering the new era, with the rapid economic and social development, the previous outdoor fitness facilities have been unable to meet the growing fitness needs of the gym rubber flooring. In this regard, Green Valley adheres to the principles of convenience, practicality, durability, and voluntariness, and strengthens the construction of sports facilities around the masses with the people's gymnasium as the main platform to meet the needs of mass sports services.

As the nation's first gym for people, it is not only sought after by citizens, but also affirmed by leaders at all levels. This year, the Zhejiang Provincial Government has made great efforts to promote this model. It plans to build 1,000 gymnasiums for people across the province, all of which will unify brands and standards. Last year, the leader of the theme education tour guidance group of the Provincial Party Committee praised the construction of the Wenzhou People’s Gymnasium for doing a great deed for the people.
Green Valley-Adhere to the development strategy of a fitness powerhouse
During the two sessions this year, Zheng Jiwei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhi Gong Party, and chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Zhi Gong Party, also suggested to promote the measures for common people’s gyms that have been implemented in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and include the construction of common people’s gyms in the central budget for investment support. And the National Sports General Administration's sports lottery charity fund at the same level focuses on the scope of support.

Sports make life better! Starting from the actual needs of the people at the grassroots level, building a gym for the common people embodies the original intention of "for the people and relying on the people" in sports work. We will continue to work hard to further improve follow-up management, do a good job of this people's livelihood, launch a new brand of sports that will benefit the people, and contribute to sports power for building a strong sports country with new advantages in reform and opening up and creating new glories for high-quality development.

Conclusion: Under the background of the country’s vigorous promotion of national fitness, national fitness has risen to a national strategy, and the National Games vigorously reformed and added group projects. Green Valley has always insisted on "in order to implement the healthy China strategy, the country proposes to implement a healthy China action. Take national fitness as an important action content, and let the masses share the fruits of reform and development.

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