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The importance of pre-installation of rubber coils

As one of the most popular types of flooring in the flooring industry today, rubber flooring has been chosen by consumers for its excellent performance and comfortable foot feel.
However, because some of the characteristics of rubber flooring (such as thermal expansion and cold contraction) will make some consumers feel a headache, today I will answer the importance of pre-installation of rubber sheets.

1. Why do pre-laying
The stability of the rubber material will be affected by the ambient temperature and dry humidity. The rubber itself has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. After the product is processed and rolled in the factory, the size will change slightly due to changes in long-distance transportation, storage and use environment.
Through pre-laying, the product can be restored to the state of the product itself under the conditions of on-site temperature, dry and humidity, and the risk of thermal expansion and contraction can be reduced.

The benefits of pre-laying
1. Timely discovery of product visual chromatic aberration caused by light angle
Sometimes it is seen that the local color difference of the rubber floor is too large after paving. The main reason is that there is no good planning during paving. If pre-laying is performed once, then the rubber floor with large visual color difference can be laid to the side according to the angle of light, or the rubber floor with small color difference can be laid in the same area, make a plan, and lay it evenly.
2. It can make the pavement more beautiful and practical
When pre-installing the rubber floor, it can be cut according to the size of the site to avoid errors and make the overall effect more beautiful and practical.
3. Effectively reduce losses
Rubber flooring is considered a medium-to-high-end product among flooring materials. If the paving loss is relatively large without the specific house size, and pre-paving is carried out first, the corresponding planning can be made before the formal paving. Reasonable Arrange the paving to effectively reduce the loss of the actual paving of the rubber floor.

The above are the benefits brought by the pre-installation of rubber floors. It can be seen that its main function is to reduce the impact of light chromatic aberration, effectively reduce the loss of paving, and save costs.