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What kind of flooring is recommended for the gym? Are there any differences between the wooden flooring in the gym and the wooden floors in other spaces?

Gyms generally choose rubber rolls and rubber mats to lay the floor to create a comfortable, beautiful and safe sports environment and provide a better sports experience. Specifically, there are mainly the following categories of products:

Rubber roll

Supports 360 multi-function UV printing, suitable for: aerobic training areas, gyms, private classes, schools, etc.

Composite floor mats/conventional molded floor mats

Composite floor mats are composed of two layers of materials with different densities. The composite surface layer is a wear-resistant layer, and the underlying base material has better elasticity. It effectively solves the shortcomings of hard floors and floor tiles, allowing users to It is in a safe and comfortable state when walking and moving, the feet feel comfortable, and the feedback from the equipment is smoother, reducing the vibration of fitness equipment. The color is bright and bright in appearance, soft and resilient in texture, and easy to clean and care for.

The molded floor mats are made according to the characteristics of fitness sports. They are non-slip, wear-resistant, sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing. They can effectively buffer the impact of sports and reduce possible harm to the human body. It has a certain degree of water permeability and is also suitable for outdoor places such as playgrounds and sports parks. It can be made into locks, buckles and other styles, making paving more convenient.

Applicable: fitness equipment training area

Fully thin floor mat/weight bench

It can be used in the weightlifting area to protect the safety of exercise and prevent equipment from causing serious damage to the ground.